Reel Sport Fishing Charters  
   Charter Pricing For 6 people +              2019        
​ - Inshore Bottom Fishing                           Full Day:$550         6hrs   Additional  $75/hr
 (Flounder, Sea Bass, Weakfish, Stripers)    1/2 Day:$450         4hrs    

​ - Back Bay Fishing                                    Full Day:$400         6hrs   Additional   $50/hr
                                                              1/2 Day:$300         4hrs

​ - Inshore Trolling​                                      Full Day:$675        6hrs   Additional   $100/hr
  (Blues,Bonito)                                         1/2 Day:$550        4hrs

​ - Inshore Tuna (Out to 40 Miles)​                 Full Day:$975       8hrs

​ - Offshore Tuna (40 Fathom Line / Canyon 1,000 Fathom)      $1,600*   10-12 hrs

​ - Overnight Tuna                                                                $2,000*         24hrs

​ - Shark Fishing                                                                      $975​           8 hrs

​ - Family Fun Charter (Bay Fishing, Sightseeing, Cruising)​  3 Hrs. $275
                                                                        Over 3Hrs.$100/hr

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- Charter Reservations Require a $200 Deposit

 *Offshore and Overnight Tuna Requires a 50% Deposit*

- Major Credit Cards are Gladly Accepted (Visa,MC,Discover,AmEx)

- Above Listed Prices are Subject to Change at Any Time

*See Info and Policies Below*
Capt.Vince Reale Reel Sport Fishing Charters
Burials at Sea      Starting at $400  See Info. below for more details

-  Maximum fishing party is 6 people for additional people contact captain for pricing

-  All bait and tackle will be provided, however you are welcome to bring your own rod
   and reel if you desire.

-  The boat has all life safety eguipment required by U.S.C.G. regulations.Children 12 and under are
    required to wear the provided life vests.

-  Departure time is flexible with the exception of Canyon trips.

-  Charters cancelled by the Captain for weather or mechanical reasons will be Refunded in full or

-  A gratuity for the ship's mate is not included in pricing but is customary to tip the mate 15%-20% 

-  Bring your own food and drink, beer is acceptable but absolutely no hard liquor or illegal drugs.
    Ice will be provided.

-  Bring appropriate outerwear along with hats,visors,sunscreen and sunglasses. Please do not wear black
    soled shoes or boots. 

-  If you are prone to sea sickness, we suggest taking medication PRIOR to your trip according to
    medication instructions.

Directions to Seaview Harbor Marina:
~ Our Burial at Sea Info ~
 $400 includes a Certificate of Burial with latitude and longitude location, depth, water temp. and distance from shore.

~We can supply a minister or lay reader for an additional charge.~
Information and Policies:
Cell: 609-432-2022 Home: 609-432-2022